Mensch und Organisation im Wandel begleiten

HRA Transformation

Mensch und Organisation im Wandel begleiten

HRA Transformation

Guiding staff and organisations through change

HRA Transformation

Guiding staff and organisations through change

Staff and organisations are subject to constant change.
There is nothing new about this, of course, but current concepts such as agility or digitisation make it feel as if everything is much more extensive, faster and more complex.

The challenges that must be overcome involve advising management, supporting executives in this process and retaining employees.

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HR realignment

Developing a suitable HR strategy based on corporate strategy, defining new HR roles and designing structures, technology and processes are complex elements of the realignment of HR work.

The challenge is partly to convince a company that this realignment is necessary and partly to include and involve the HR employees who will implement the strategy.

Organisational change

It is essential to have a vision for the future of the company and a clear implementation strategy to target organisational change in the right way. However, the initiative will fail unless the employees can be encouraged to support the common goal or their contribution to achieving the goal is clear enough.

From setting out the vision to inclusion of employees at all corporate levels, a holistic process is required which links all corporate levels, makes visions and strategies tangible and focuses on where individuals can shape their own conditions.

Team change

Rapid organisational change has a dramatic impact on collaboration within teams. Frequent staff changes, constantly shifting constellations within project teams and the need to produce results place heavy demands on teams, particularly on the personal level.

Consequently, it is important to enhance the agility of teams by means of clear communication, a constructive conflict culture and transparent processes. Modern management must set the framework, while encouraging team members to act on their own initiative.

Human change

Agile structures and permanent change have led to greater demands being placed on employees. Organisations and teams can only succeed if they foster and make use of the potential of all members. At the same time, individuals should not constantly be subject to excessive demands.

If people in such an environment are to perform at their best, the common goals need to be clearly communicated. And there needs to be scope for employees to take responsibility and initiative.

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