Sie in der "Linie" - wir im Projekt!

HRA Projektberatung

Sie in der "Linie" - wir im Projekt!

HRA Projektberatung

You handle the line, we´ll handle the project!

HRA Projectconsultancy

Focus on line management, we´ll handle your project

It’s a fact: HR is lean, too. It is usually impossible to handle additional requirements or complex projects parallel to operational line management. The complexity inherent in HR projects nowadays amplifies the shortage of capacity. As experienced human resources experts, we know what that means: a project is neglected and our internal customers are dissatisfied.

With our broad expertise and variety of industry experience, we are able to cover a large proportion of possible project requirements as consultants. However, our abilities are not infinite, of course. And we will explain to you openly and honestly what we can and cannot do in response to your inquiry.

For any questions please contact us.

HR strategy for practical application

Give HR the right direction! In order to be the best possible service provider for a company, our primary task is to establish the fundamental direction of HR work based on the company’s vision and strategy. The fact that HR may become a corrective influence on the corporate vision is intended and good. In this way HR strategy is not just another management diktat from the ivory tower. It is a strategy that has practical application.

With the right HR strategy, HR can assume the necessary position in a company to perform future-oriented, competitive work.

HR structure and processes

We like to apply our expertise to tasks such as creating a modern HR model, establishing suitable structures and building processes that are efficient and effective.

Consultancy projects of this kind have been a regular part of our work for many years. However, the focus is changing. The right role distribution in HR is becoming increasingly important, and the growing pace of change in the relationship between humans and technology is an aspect that throws up exciting challenges.

Modern recruitment

Recruitment of new employees is no longer a straightforward process, as we will all have realised by now. So what should we do? The recruitment process, from employer branding to a signed contract, must now constitute a perfect candidate experience. This is the mark of modern recruitment. How this can be achieved varies from case to case. Modern methods such as active sourcing (jobbots and chatbots) play an important role, of course. But just because something is new, it is not necessarily good for your processes and your company. Existing processes usually contain the potential for optimisation. All you need is the desire to leverage them.

Demographics and development of measures

The first steps towards making potentially necessary changes in the employee structure and the relationships between employees and the company involve compiling and visualising the existing demographic facts, analysing the causes and preparing a catalogue of measures. The conception and stringent implementation of these measures are decisive to the company’s survival in the competitive environment. Without offering employees a future-oriented HR framework in the company, survival in the face of competition will be less likely.


In terms of project management, restructuring involves some complex elements. On the one hand, it is necessary to act as a reliable guide for staff. On the other hand, it is necessary to carry out technical processes, in all their facets, in the correct, targeted manner. Targeted structural change has always been a topic of the utmost importance in the corporate world. Fortunately, the human factor has come sharply into focus in recent years. This may be partly because of ethical and moral aspects of modern management. On the other hand, there has also been recognition that human resources are actually what determines who wins.