Durch Stabilität und Konsens zum Erfolg

HRA Coaching und Mediation

Durch Stabilität und Konsens zum Erfolg

HRA Coaching und Mediation

Through stability and consensus to success

HRA Coaching und Mediation


Our experience and the mix of methods we apply help you succeed

Our coaches have a wide range of methods and certified tools at their disposal. They choose the ones best suited to the problem, the personality of the client and the task. Examples include a systemic approach, gestalt techniques, organisational and management theory, working with objects and images, personality analysis (self-reflection and recognition work), moderation techniques, etc.

These techniques are applied individually or in combination in the following fields:


We help people overcome conflict

Our mediators and conflict advisors have extensive experience of conflict and industry mediation in a range of sectors.

In addition to the seniority of the advisors, the methods chosen are essential for success. Examples can be found in mediation methods, elements of gestalt therapy and bodywork, systemic approaches, solution-focused discussion, moderated conflict resolution discussion, etc.

The approaches taken by advisors can be divided into the following problem categories:

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Executive coaching

Even experienced executives face tasks that are beyond their expertise. Staff management, in particular, often involves a wide range of problems, in day-to-day operational management, in projects, in performance reviews or coping with performance pressure.  Senior executives use coaching as a recognised tool to handle personal challenges and to reassess situations via self-reflection and changing perspective. Coaching is not an instrument for overcoming weakness. It is a management tool for your own personality!

Coaching for junior executives and specialists

The need to prepare junior executives for management work is one of the most frequent reasons for regular coaching. In addition to an introduction to the management tools available, the focus here is especially on personality. Personal development and commitment to the company are often reasons to offer specialists coaching. The coaching then covers areas such as dealing with complex tasks or reflection on the specialist’s soft skills (for example problem-solving skills, resilience, assertiveness).

Team coaching/team development

Verschiedene Umstände können ein Team vor neue Herausforderungen stellen. So sind bspw. im Rahmen von Umstrukturierungen neue Teamzusammensetzungen zunächst oft produktivitätshemmend und können durch ein Teamcoaching effektiv und kraftvoll eine gute Dynamik bekommen. Eine Coaching Unterstützung kann auch notwendig werden, wenn Teams vor neuen inhaltlichen Herausforderungen stehen oder Prozesse innerhalb des Teams, oder zu externen Schnittstellen, ins Stocken geraten sind.

Traditional bilateral mediation

Emotional conflict often stands in the way of effective cooperation. The causes are usually to be found in the style of communication, in the information transfer or in the different aims and needs of the people involved. However, on account of the conflict, the parties are no longer able to see the causes and to move towards a solution. Our conflict advisors help resolve deadlock, allowing the parties to resume discussion anew.

Multilateral mediation

The complexity of conflicts increases as the number of parties increases, with the potential to paralyse productive team cooperation. This is triggered, in particular, by restructuring, introduction of new team members or new tasks and challenges. It is essential here to neutralise conflict and/or fears to make processes interact efficiently again and restore a good flow of communication.