HRA Philosophie

HRA Philosophie

HRA Philosophy

A few words from owner, Eric Schuck

During my varied roles as a personnel prefessional (business partner, personnel manager or in a leadership role), one thing became increasingly clear to me: I can generate the greatest added value for the operational leaders I look after if I am given sufficient time to find solutions for their issues on an individual basis.

Personnel business, however, is increasingly overshadowed by day-to-day operational duties. There is less and less time available for the topics, questions and concepts which shape the future.

We need time or resources to achieve what is needed from the personnel management function aside from ensuring day-to-day operations: the future and goal-orientated development of HR management in order to compete successfully as a company in the long term.

Providing a consultancy platform to give you the expertise, or the time to achieve this, is our objective:

HR Advisors – Solutions for your personnel management.

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