Den Personalabbau professionell, wertschätzend
und friktionsfrei gestalten

HRA Trennungsmanagement

Den Personalabbau professionell, wertschätzend und friktionsfrei gestalten

HRA Trennungsmanagement

Appreciative and Frictionless

HRA Termination Management

Staff reduction: Professional, appreciative and frictionless!

Whether one employee or many are involved, this necessary process is all about people. The planning, management and implementation of a termination process and training for it are part of our proven expertise.

The aim is to make these processes as frictionless as possible for the individual and the company.

It is also important to be aware that employer branding is important in both onboarding and offboarding.

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Planning/project management

Successful guidance and implementation of a termination process start with detailed preparation in all aspects from the points of view of both the company and the individuals affected.

It is necessary to address the right parameters, apply the right skills and manage the process in a structured, rigorous manner, and we are on hand to provide our expertise in all these steps.

Training/coaching for management and HR

Termination is not an everyday situation. There are challenges, and the risks are high in terms of costs and reputation. Consequently, you need to apply caution and maybe rely on the experience of others.

We look forward to helping you. We can provide large-scale training for HR and executives or individual coaching for specific cases. We respond to your needs.

Implementation and negotiation

It is one thing to plan a process. Implementing it correctly is the difficult part. It is important to follow the plan rigorously and also to know instinctively when to depart from it.

The primary goal is to resolve problems smoothly. This is what makes us stand out from the competition as strong, solution-oriented HR specialists. This becomes particularly clear in our role as negotiating partner for a company in relation to the employees affected.

Representing the interests of the company, while also showing appreciation for the interests of the employee is a challenge we relish.

Coaching and outplacement for employees

The primary task is usually solution-oriented, frictionless negotiation with the employees. However, this often turns into a confidential coaching process. Guiding an employee through the termination process, and in particular after it is over, is a role that we enjoy as certified coaches.

We can also provide traditional outplacement services. This is usually at the initiative of the staff representative.  Another support option that we offer in our portfolio is preparation for what happens after termination. This can be done either in groups or individually. However, please understand that we can only assume this role if we were not involved in the preceding stages of the termination process (to avoid conflicts of interest).

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